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Franchise Programme :
Franchising is one of the popular business expansion systems in the world today. It has been around since ancient history and has now outbeat all business models in the world market. Franchising is the practice of using another person’s business model. The franchisor grants an independent operator the right to distribute its products, techniques, and trademarks for a percentage of gross monthly sales and a royalty fee. Various tangibles and intangibles such as national or international advertising, training, and other support services are
commonly made available by the franchisor. Franchise business gives you the advantage of not having to reinvent the wheel when it comes to handling the various aspects of business right from marketing to human resource management, from accounting to distribution. A proven system enables you to avoid the traps or mistakes a new business makes.

We Offer
International Gemology Association participate in a Prestigious, Dynamic and Booming Industry of Gemology. We offer Franchise of our Brand to those who is interested to establish a prestigious business and create a new identity in business society. 

Key Features of Our Franchise Network

  •  A time-tested robust Business Model that ensures Stability, Growth & Profitability.
  •  A Business Model with low investment and high profitability, and low recurring cost, which is ideal for entrepreneurs and corporate.
  •  Potential for every Franchise to became the market leader by offering the best facilities and services.
  •  A highly effective Support System that ensures you always stay ahead of your competitors
  •  You can enjoy both independent and cooperative environment.

Supports You Get

  •  Brand Reputation and Technical Know-how
  •  Industry Recognition and Goodwill
  •  Project Startup Guidance
  •  Technical Skill & Support
  •  Management Skills & Experience
  •  Marketing Support in terms of Ad campaigns, Brochure, Internet Marketing and assistant to Franchisee for local promotions
  •  Specially customized Software
  •  Well-researched technical support and regular inputs on Quality Management from our Research and Development
  • (R&D) Cell.
  •  Professional guidance on procuring promotional business.
  •  Innovative and effective promotional plans, counseling and internal conversions.

Be a part of our Family ever Growing and ever Prosperous.

For Details about the Franchise offer, Please fill the followings and send to us.

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