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Now-a-days everyone seeks quality assurance and the gems industry is no different. The owners want to posses the best of gems to showcase it to their prospective buyers or retailers. The retailers on their part want to give the best to the customers and outdo other competitors. Finally, the end-user also wants genuine and high quality gems and gem encrusted jewellery for personal use.

This is literally a star-studded profession where you will constantly have to deal with precious and semi-precious stones and minerals. This is a highly profitable business and earnings are sky-high. There is a great possibility of meeting the rich and the famous of the society especially if you are providing gemstone consultancy services.

Courses We Offer

Diploma in Gemology(DIG)

(Navratan Identification)

Diploma in Diamond Grading (DDG)

Diamond Assorting Course

Certificate Course

Workshop on Gemology

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